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Meet the Give Team

Wright & Steph Thurston

Give Founder

Faith Thurston

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As the CEO leader of the Give Blockchain, Faith Thurston is passionate about giving. Traveling around the world, Faith has seen firsthand the benefits that come from even the smallest amount of help offered to those in need. From Fiji to Thailand, and then Africa, Faith participated in campaigns that bring global awareness to improve conditions for those in need. Faith remembers a powerful lesson learned at age 17 while serving those who had so little: giving is a lifestyle not a choice. Visiting different foreign countries and as a CNA for an assisted living facility, Faith saw how simple acts of kindness can rescue and bring positive change to those who need it. With these experiences, Faith passionately has embraced this idea that collectively giving to others makes our world a better place. Giving a little girl a life by rescuing her from sex endangerment, helping a family have clean water, and providing a way for other projects to be funded are just a few of the ways Give can change the world. With vivacious energy and determination, Faith Thurston is leading the way for others through Give. Giving is a lifestyle that is easily supported through the Give Blockchain.


Haylee Thompson

Executive Assistant

I am a 21 year old entrepreneur with passions that include being outside, self care and traveling. I have worked for Give Blockchain for a year now and have loved participating in projects and events. We have 3 amazing charities we sponsor and I’ve grown to love each of them and the amazing things they do. I look forward to all the amazing projects Give has in store for me this coming year.

Tiafau Purcell

VP of Engineering

Tiafau Purcell was born and raised in Laie, Hawaii and now resides in Salem, Utah. Moving from the Pacific Islands to the Mountain West at a young age, Tiafau learned to adapt quickly to cultural and environmental differences. Growing up in a bilingual and Polynesian home also helped Tiafau to gain a greater appreciation for languages and culture. Tiafau lived and served as a missionary for two years in El Salvador where his love of languages and cultures helped him serve the local people on a more personal level. He saw firsthand the poverty that many live in and how service can change a person’s life. Tiafau traveled to Mexico and Haiti, visiting orphanages and rebuilding schools. Tiafau also traveled to China and Hong Kong, England and Scotland, and Germany and surrounding countries. Seeing just part of the world has helped shape his perspective on living with purpose and helping others to do the same.

Tiafau joins the Give Blockchain team as the VP of Engineering, bringing years of experience from multiple startups, leading efforts in product and design. Tiafau is excited to be working on blockchain technology that will support organizations doing good around the world. Building upon blockchain and helping others through charity organizations is the dream job.


Brittany Moore

Sr. Technical Project Manager

I’m BEYOND excited to be using my skills working for Give. I’m a seasoned Technical Project Manager who loves traveling, being in nature and my husband and 4 wiener dogs. I’m also fascinated by the human body and biohacking, and have been enjoying getting back into a yoga practice and Pilates. I love hiking in Southern Utah and am looking forward to finally celebrating my 15 year wedding anniversary (3 years late – thanks COVID) in Europe with my husband in 2023. Give is going to change the non-profit world and I’m so glad that I’m along for that ride!

Nathan Crowley

Product Leader

I am our Product Leader here at Give Blockchain. I have a passion for growth and people. I pride myself on being a dynamic professional with proven experience in entrepreneurial environments and complex creative projects. I am a passionate product and business strategist with the ability to develop, evaluate, negotiate, and optimize product deliverables and business opportunities from the C-suite to the trenches. When I’m not working on the vision – I am skiing, traveling, making art, volunteering, working out, and enjoying time with friends and family.

James Fry

Senior Software Engineer

Software and web development have been my passion and career for over a decade and I’m excited to be a part of creating a blockchain that can change the world for the better through improved transparency. Outside of work, I enjoy snowboarding, wake surfing, and well informed discussions about anything. My wife and I have three boys with one more on the way, so we try find every excuse to get outside.

Courtney Brotherson

Website Designer & Marketing Specialist

Being an elementary school teacher for 4 years has instilled  a love of education and serving others into who I am. I have always had a passion for digital design and being creative and am thrilled to be using those skills to educate crypto users, nonprofits, and others in using blockchain technology for good. I love the Give community and am excited to be a part of Give Blockchain’s impact on people and organizations worldwide.

Rachel Briggs

Content Writer & Marketing Specialist

I am 21 years old with a passion for reading, writing, and serving people. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be using my talents to help Give! I am thrilled to be able to use my creative writing side to help others learn more about nonprofit organizations, the decentralized blockchain, and Give and the amazing things they are doing.

Madi Acord

Customer Success Manager

I recently had the opportunity to join the Give team and am inspired by the impact we have on so many people around the world. I am 22 years old, studying psychology at the Utah Valley University. I am passionate about helping others and especially interested mental health awareness. I am thrilled about contributing Give’s purpose of inspiring lasting change and improving the lives of millions around the world.

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