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The Give App

Mobile App

The Give App runs on any iOS or Android mobile device. You can also access your Give App from your desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Intuitive Interface

The Give App makes it easy to store and manage your digital rewards.

Give Vault

Earned rewards are deposited and secured in the Give Vault. You control when to send them from the Vault to your account.

Decentralized App

The Give App lets you manage your digital rewards confidence. The Give App is non-custodial meaning you — and only you hold the private keys for ultimate protection.

Donate Computing Power

Donate computing power, energy and connectivity to help support the Give blockchain and earn Give rewards.

Give Node

Give Blockchain Software



Smart Node

Earn more Give rewards with Smart Node

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*Rewards are not available for purchase from Give. They are digital rewards earned in exchange for work and action on the Give network. The digital reward is designed to have utility on the Give platform for the purchase of Give’s products and services. The digital reward is not an investment product and may never have any value outside of the Give platform. Give node owners should not expect to recognize any value from the digital reward other than its utility with Give. Give does not anticipate correlation between the digital reward value and Give’s business activities.

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