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Purpose – Inspire Lasting Change

The Give blockchain is a global community giving purpose around the world.

Give is more than a company—Give is a global movement making an impact on the lives of millions around the world. We give to and support important causes while also providing purpose for the people who are giving. Givers find self-love by going through the Give process to transform the way they feel about themselves and the world around them.

Our Core Values


We have the courage and strength to champion those in need alongside fearless individuals who are committed to making a positive impact.


As a community, we collaborate to achieve our mission, bringing together individuals, companies, families, and faith-based groups with a shared focus on supporting common goals, despite our differences.


We value inclusiveness and believe in the strength of our diverse community, recognizing greatness in everyone regardless of their background.


Give advocates finding purpose through self-love, building relationships, and our Purpose Projects, which empower individuals to create lasting personal change and be agents of change in their own lives.


Give's unique platform and technology enable good people to do good things with integrity, delivering 100% of community donations to the causes.


We are committed to delivering compassionate service to all nations, communities, and people we serve, supporting causes globally to end suffering and create a brighter future.

Our Mission

Combine the power of the decentralized blockchain with the power of purpose to spark change within givers and receivers worldwide.

Our Give community contributes talent and donates resources to support important projects and achieve their highest potential.

Our Vision

To realize the full potential of the blockchain through participation in important projects impacting the lives of millions, on and off the blockchain, through giving. 

Become a part of the global movement.

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Causes We Support


Are you a charity looking to make a difference in the world?

We invite you to submit a proposal to work with Give and our community to drive positive change.

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