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ROAM Humanitarian was able to connect with a local leader in Arusha who was in desperate need of access to technology. In more rural areas like Arusha, having that kind of free access can mean everything for individuals to receive education and further their career goals, pulling them out of poverty and hardship.

Give BlockChain so generously paid for a computer lab which is now set on an LDS church’s property there, and the church itself pays for the WIFI. This has enabled many local people to be able to pursue education- the Pathway Program in particular- which is a low-cost but highly-accredited path towards degrees and certification (as of 2021, BYU-Pathway Worldwide serves more than 57,000 students annually in 160 countries. Certificates and degrees are offered in partnership with BYU-Idaho and Ensign College). It has blessed so many people and we are thrilled this computer lab has opened up so many opportunities for people from this community to pursue all kinds of training and education. 

Angel’s story in particular really touched us; she is 27 years old, and married with three children, and is not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but expressed interest in her out of reach dream of finishing her degree. She had finished her primary education in 2008 and joined a secondary school from which she graduated in 2012. Because of Give’s  new computer lab in her area, she is now able to be both mom and student, and finish her finance degree. A dream she never thought was possible. Now she will be  able to help people from all around Arusha with their money and finances. Access to technology was the key for Angel to complete her training while still carrying out the demanding tasks of mom and homemaker.

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