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Our scholarship program, funded by generous private donors continues to bless the lives of people who have experienced profound challenges in their life. Avery Tanner is one such individual, who will be attending our Fiji expedition come November 2022, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. 

3 years ago in the spring of 2019, Avery was enjoying a typical teenage prom evening with her date and friends when she fell while rock- rappelling. Spending weeks and months in the hospital and rehab, she suffered a major traumatic brain injury and continues today to struggle with chronic pain, memory, and some cognition. But fast-forward these few years and Avery is attending college, living on her own, and achieving new goals, daily! She is a true, living rock-star.  

During those unpredictable and terrifying days in the hospital, Lindsay, founder of ROAM, sat by Avery’s bedside and promised her that if she would just wake up, she could come on an expedition when she was able. Avery continues to heal each day and will be joining us on our Fiji expedition this coming November! Check out @forthestrengthofavery on IG to get a dose of this girl’s megawatt energy and go-gettedness. She’ll be an extraordinary addition to our trip and a blessing to the people we interact with in Fiji. 

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