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Ina’s mother used to be a sex worker at a Bangladeshi Brothel and her father used to be auto rickshaw driver. Her only sister is older than her and already married. Ina was born and broad up at the brothel.

Being a sex workers’ daughter, growing up inside the brothel, often takes a toll on the daughter’s psychology. The under aged girls often get derailed and attracted to someone they should not get involved with.

Ina grew up inside the brothel and studied up to level Five (V). While she was a student, she met a man 8 to 10 years older than her, to whom she got emotionally attached. Ina had a hard youth with growing up in difficult circumstances. The relationship between Ina and the man began to deepen.

As the relationship deepened, her family also noticed a change to Ina’s behavior. It was harder to contact Ina and she wasn’t home anymore. After a while the family came to know about the relationship. They tried to stop her from keeping in contact with the man, but Ina kept in touch with him secretly.

After some time, the man asked Ina to go away with him. Ina was captivated by the man, and he had made her emotionally dependent on him. In the meantime, Ina’s family found out that the man did not have any good intention with their daughter: he wanted to traffic her. They found out that he wanted to escape with her and had a whole plan for this.

The family of Ina didn’t hesitate and immediately called in our partners. Understanding the situation, the rescue team planned a rescue with local law enforcement agency, filed a GD, rescued the survivor and placed her at the safe shelter of our partner.

Later on, the police and rescue team tried to locate the accused and make an arrest. But somehow the trafficker knew this, and he was nowhere to be found.

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