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We are Justin and Lindsay Bowen and are the heart behind ROAM Humanitarian. We are committed to creating lasting and positive change in both our expedition participants and those whom we serve throughout the world. We believe in making a difference to the one:  that one might be you, or the one might be someone you cross paths with on our adventure.  Our approach to humanitarian work is deeply personal and person–driven. 

Justin has led thousands of youth and adults across the globe with National Geographic for nearly 10 years. He is a photographer by trade and has taught hundreds of under-priviliged youth how to use photography to express themselves. His biggest thrill comes from being with the youth in another country while experiencing sacred moments of connectedness, service, and the natural beauty around them.   Lindsay is an educator by profession and by heart. With a Masters of science in leadership, she feels most comfortable with youth and with human connection with people from all walks of life. Our ultimate goal at ROAM is not just a fun (oh, but they are fun!) or heroic act of service, but a global and immersive experience that inspires a life-long commitment to humanitarian work and social impact. Each itinerary has been selected carefully to give back to those most in need, and are meaningful, impactful, and soul-renewing for the individual who comes with us and the individual who receives us. 

Again, we may not change the whole world, but we are committed to changing the world ONE smile, ONE project, and ONE expedition at a time. It is a great privilege to work alongside you, and become change-makers while we ROAM across this incredible planet together with purpose as we strive to make a sustainable, long-term improvement everywhere we go. 

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