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In June 2021 we discovered Maya and three other girls were taken from their home village. The traffickers offered them a sustainable and good job in the city. Maya, on of the girls wanted to help her family and build a new sustainable life. The traffickers took Maya for days in small cages where she was raped over and over again.

Five days later, Maya was taken to Jaipur. The traffickers sold her to other traffickers for sexual exploitation. Maya was there with one other girl, but there was no one she could trust. She felt alone and abandoned while being exploited.

The people in the village were worried and took contact with the local police. They shared the details of missing Maya and the other girls. Because of this, the police were able to capture the traffickers. During the interrogation of the traffickers, we received the news that Maya and other girls were being transported to Jaipur on the 5th and the 8th of June.

We cooperated with the Railway station and Railway police to search the trains heading to Jaipur on the 5th and the two girls were rescued. The trafficker unfortunately got away. Both victims were brought to the Child Welfare Committee of Jaipur where our team counseled the children. They were provided shelter in an NGO’s children’s home where they could receive the right aftercare before returning home.

The rescued children did manage to give sufficient detail to trace the traffickers and girls that were still missing. On June 9th the team and the police managed to capture the traffickers while they were trying to sell the minored girls to other human traffickers. Maya was one of them. The police arrested all the traffickers involved in the case. Our partner took maya and the other girls and brought them home where they were helped by local NGO’s.

Maya and the other girls are living with their families and after COVID Maya hopes to return to school to study and become a teacher or police officer.

All 5 arrested traffickers were sent to jail. We are in contact with the District Legal Services to initiate the process of granting compensation to Maya and the other victims.

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