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Nazma was trafficked in 2015 while traveling with her childhood friend on a local train. Nazma is the youngest daughter of her parents and had a very happy childhood. Her parents always motivated all their daughters to study and chase their dream.

While travelling the girls took food offered to them by a co-passenger. This food was drugged and the girls lost consciousness. When they woke up, they found themselves in a cheap hotel room, which they came to recognize as a brothel. They were victims of extreme physical and mental torture there. Their captors were men who tried to sexually exploit both the girls. When the girls resisted, these men verbally abuse and beat them. The girls spent 15 days inside the room in that brothel. Fortunately, their captors forgot to lock the door and, with the help of the caretaker of the brothel, the girls managed to escape.

When they escaped, they found that they had been taken to Delhi. They then managed to board a train for Kolkata and then back home. After they managed to return home, the girls and their family never filed a First Information Report (FIR). They were scared of the social stigma that would follow the incident. Both the families told to the neighbors and the village that they returned from Kolkata from Nazma’s friend’s sister’s house.

Nazma continued with her education and managed to pass her 12th board exam. Shortly after Nazma’s father came to know about the SFJ program. Nazma was enrolled and showed interest in studying law and was admitted into the 5 years LLB program. Presently Nazma is in her 4th year of studies. Though Nazma did not file her FIR, she now understands the importance of fighting against sexual exploitation of children (SEC). Nazma maintains that only those who have gone through trafficking can understand the agony of a survivor. For this reason, Nazma believes she will be successful in fighting for the rights of SEC survivors.

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