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Nisha Ghising, one of the oldest School of Justice (SFJ for short) Nepal beneficiaries, graduated from the project in early 2022. She joined the SFJ project from the time of its initiation and was a good student as well as a big sister and a parental figure for the other girls in the School of Justice program. She is currently in her 2nd semester of completing her Masters in Education.

Along with her studies, she interned in a Law firm named “Narendra GC Law Firm, Babarmahal, Kathmandu”. The personnel in the law firm were really impressed with her work and decided to hire her as a full-time employee. Through being involved and getting exposure to real life scenarios of case proceedings, she has become competent enough to initiate basic support for those who are vulnerable as well as victims of all forms of crimes.

With this opportunity, Nisha realized that she can now sustain herself and take care of her family. She wanted to make space for another girl in the program by giving her place in the School of Justice (SFJ) up to someone who needed it more. Therefore, Nisha decided to leave the SFJ program on her own. She has been a successful participant of the SFJ project and has accomplished the objective of becoming a change agent.

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