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Task Force Antal (TFA) is a highly specialized team composed of special operations veterans, intelligence operatives, national security legal advisors and defense acquisition professionals. They are currently focused on working together to provide tactical and logistical support for vulnerable people trapped in Ukraine. 

They are working around the clock to ensure that US Citizens, Ukrainian American families, vulnerable Ukrainians and third-country citizens are safe until they can find passage out of Ukraine to escape the Russian invasion. With countless women and children among them, these people are under constant threat of violence and death. Failing them is not an option. 

Task Force Antal personnel, often at a risk of their lives, conducted cross-border evacuations of dozens of Ukrainians and American-Ukrainian families from non-permissive combat-ridden regions in Ukraine. They were taken to the safety of neighboring countries in the European Union zone. 

Team members also volunteered and performed several high-risk evacuations of more than 45 children and young adults with disabilities, and their escorts in Mariupol and Odesa, amongst heavy fighting and indiscriminate bombardment by the Russian forces. 

In addition to performing evacuations, Task Force Antal is working hard to also provide humanitarian aid. 

They bought and donated 300 IFAK and tourniquets. Upon delivery to the Ukraine territorial forces, TFA team members gave instruction on proper application of tourniquets under battlefield conditions. 

Task Force Antal conducting convoy operations and aided in the escort of a convoy transporting field hospital equipment in Ukraine to ensure the security of personnel and equipment. 

At the major border crossing point for Ukrainians evacuating L’viv by vehicle, TFA teams passed out water to vehicles stuck in line and ensured they had food and blankets and ensured vehicles were in good working order by inspecting engine oil, tire pressure and radiator fluid. 

At the major border checkpoint for Ukrainians evacuating L’viv on foot, dozens of Ukrainians were living in tents, many waiting for transport to follow-on locations in Poland and elsewhere. Task Force Antal teams assisted in securing tents, distributing food, water, and supplies, picking up litter, and organizing with other volunteers in the area. 

Amidst the increased violence and disrupted supply chain, delivering essential goods such as baby products and water becomes essential. The current needs are tremendous, critical among them water delivery. Using donated funds, TFA gathered and distributed supplies to countless Ukrainian refugees and are continuing to provide much needed humanitarian aid. 

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