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“I, Renuka had a happy childhood until my baby brother died. My mother could not bear the pain of that loss and my father left us. To earn a living my mother started working in the entertainment sector. I was 7 or 8 by then. As she did not want me to stay at home alone I went to her work after school. She would get drunk and behave awkwardly. At age 11 I was raped there by an old man. I cried a lot and it was so painful, even to walk. After that I stopped going to my mother’s work. One day my mother became ill and had to go to the hospital. We didn’t have money for the treatment so I went looking for a job and ended up working in a dance bar. There I was forced to fulfill the sexual desires of customers. I felt deeply ashamed and did not tell my mother where I got the money for her treatment from. Finally, I reached out and Free a Girl and [their] partners. They helped me and I could go back to school. I am also staying at the School for Justice Shelter. I heard about School for Justice (SFJ) and now want to continue my education without any sufferings. “

Achievements in School for Justice (SFJ) Nepal Program

“After entering the School for Justice, I found that I am not the only one who has had to suffer psychologically and physically. SFJ programs encouraged me to discover many more regarding the survivor and to defend for our rights and for a sustainable livelihood. After participating in SFJ program, I have learned to fight for the rights of victims. I found positive change within me and I am improving my abilities day by day. I had received English language course of the elementary level where I scored 79%. I completed my grade 12.”

Participation in Change Agent Activities

“I am now doing Change Agent activities. I took part in a school awareness campaign that was held in many different government schools and other events, also for the government. I learnt how to operate in a team and how to construct a team. I was able to share my experience and expertise regarding human trafficking, which eventually informed the students about the nature, kinds, and significance of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.

“I was given the opportunity to be a part of a program in which I communicated the message about the “New Normal” notion of human trafficking while talking with police officers and government officials in order to sensitize them about the new trend and track of human trafficking.

“I played an important role in the theatre play in order to interact with the responsible bodies, concerned parties, and civil society members about the growing human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation (CSE) cases around the world, in order to minimize the human trafficking and CSE cases from the ground up.”

Plans for Future

“I want to assist survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) in obtaining justice. I will also participate in awareness campaigns to educate the general public about sexual exploitation/human trafficking and the legal implications that criminals face. I want to become the best lawyer.”

Opinion on School for Justice Program

“SFJ has had a beneficial influence on my life. With the assistance of SFJ, I was able to achieve both professional and personal progress. I’ve learnt to assume responsibility for both the SFJ project and my own life. I’ve learned to be more accountable and responsible.”

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