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Our agents of change regularly inform us about the situation of women and girls as well as sexual exploitation in their areas. They conduct meet-up events where they invite women and girls to join activities. One reason for these events is that we then have a way to reach out to the women and girls which allows us to gain more information about the migration situation and circumstances of other women and girls in their areas.

In March 2022, our partner conducted a meet-up event with women and girls in entertainment venues. The activity was held outside the entertainment places and was facilitated by 5 agents of change. At this event, there were 15 participants in total, including our agents of change.

We presented information about human trafficking, safe migration, dangers of online world, and case notification channels. Our agents of change shared their experiences and knowledge on these topics. One of our goals for this event was to gain the trust of these women and girls, so there were also other activities such as ice breakers and hope & dream sharing.

As a result of these activities, some women and girls wanted to leave the entertainment places and join our programs. We are now in the process of planning a rescue for them in the near future.

Quotes from a couple of the girls at this event:

"Thank you that you all don’t mind our backgrounds. Others treat us like worthless persons. But you make us feel that we also have values in ourselves."

“Thank you for teaching a lot of things. I will use and practice what I learned from you all.”

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