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“My father had no job and was an alcoholic. He always used to fight with my mother and often scolded us. With the help of my mother’s friend, I was taken to Kathmandu to work as a maid in a businessman’s house when I was 16. I worked there without any salary for 1 year and 3 months. My boss often used to sexually exploit me forcefully when no one was around. I was raped several times and was sexually exploited by my boss’s brother-in-law too. I didn’t want to work there anymore so I ran away with the help of a friend. She helped me find a job as a waiter, but again I was forced there to have sexual contact with the customers. Again I was sexually exploited. [That] is now 3 years ago and I have managed to study till 12th grade. I want to continue with my studies.”

Achievements in School for Justice (SFJ) Nepal Program

“The accomplishments I obtained through the School of Justice (SFJ) program are indescribable. The most important thing is that I’ve found my identity here. My life was really terrible until I came here. I stopped thinking about the future, but now that I’m here, I’m dreaming about the future. I am participating in the SFJ program and experiencing the welcoming environment of SFJ which inspired me to make great changes in my life. SFJ is providing me with a second home and a second family, as well as a quality education and other required items.”

Participation in Change Agent Activities

“I participated in a School Awareness Program through which I was able to share my knowledge about human trafficking with the students, which eventually help to decrease the number of cases of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.”

Plans for Future

“I want to be an advocate so that I may help all victims and survivors achieve justice for free. I want to be a better person by minimizing my flaws, and I want to share what I’ve learned about human trafficking with others.”

Opinion on School for Justice Program

“My life has been positively impacted by the SFJ program. My existence would be meaningless without the SFJ. It gave me a new perspective of life. I saw many people looking for food and shelter, but I found both here along with quality education and a future.”

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