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Samia is a student of Grade 3 (III). She is a good student and works very hard for her studies. Her mother is a housewife, and her father is a physically disabled person.

In September 2021, Samia got on a boat to cross the river to go to her aunt’s house. She was by herself. At the boat she met a man, who asked her several question regarding her and her family. Samia mentioned that they were very poor, and she was studying to later on get a good job to support her family.

The man told Samia that if she went with him, he would arrange a well-paid job for her. Even better than she could find after her studies. Considering her family’s financial situation, Samia agrees to go with him and help her family as soon as possible. She had no idea about what kind of job or where he would take her, but she trusted him that it would be alright as he told her.

After reaching Daulatdia Ghaat, Samia went with the man. After roaming around aimlessly for some time the man was going to arrange work for the girl. After about half an hour he came back and said he had arranged work for her.

Samia followed him, her trafficker, on their way to her new “job”. They reached the workplace and Samia became suspicious seeing the lit area full of girls wearing heavy make-up and being dressed in dazzling clothing. Samia got scared, tried to turn back and run. But the trafficker held her hand and forcefully tried to take her inside. At that moment the survivor started screaming, which drew attention of our team who were undercover there at this moment.

Understanding the situation, the rescue team contacted the local law enforcement agency, planned a rescue and rescued the survivor; and arrested the trafficker. The survivor was brought to the local police station in September 2021 and was given access to contact her family. She called her mother, who confirmed that she would come to the police station as soon as possible. The next day her parents came to pick her up.

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