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The School for Justice Brazil officially started! We have come to a great team. This team is highly skilled with a lot of experience including a pedagogue, psychologist, social worker, program coordinator, social educator, financial manager and assistant and a legal assistant. They are highly motivated and committed to all the goals of the School for Justice Brazil. They are the heroes in the field who are doing all the programs together with the girls to help bringing justice, healing and empowerment.

It is important to present and debate the general guidelines of the project, where a parallel of experiences was made of the team, current Brazilian context and perspectives. They attend in different activities and meetings to do this. The team also participates in events of sexual exploitation and violence in Brazil.

We are now in the process of selecting the girls who are going to participate in the School for Justice Brazil. Among them are amazing survivors and girls with so much strength. The first year we will start with approximately 12 girls. We are so grateful for all the team members and partners and excited to welcome the School for Justice students soon.

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