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Tib is a Khmu ethnicity who was living in Laos. Her family was very poor. In 2019, when she was 13 years old, she went to Vientiane Capital to see her friend, Bee. Bee introduced Tib to a trafficker, of which Tib knew not was a trafficker. The trafficker induced her to be a surrogate mother for a Chinese man for which she would get 200 million LAK (approx. 19,400 USD). Because she wanted to pay all the debt of her family, she decided to go to China without informing her family.

Tib travelled with the trafficker and Bee from Laos to China. When they reached the Chinese border, a Chinese couple picked them up. When Tib woke up the next day, the trafficker and her friend Bee were gone. Tib spent time with the Chinese couple for a week. The couple then sent her to a family who wanted a child and forced her to become pregnant. Tib had to go to see doctor every month to do blood check, ex-ray and inject sperm in her womb.

After 1 year, she was pregnant and gave birth to twins. She had never had a sexual relationship with the Chinese man in the family. The family only wanted babies. However, she did not receive any money from surrogacy, nor any money during her stay with the family. The Chinese family only gave her a mobile phone as a gift. She also wasn’t free to live as she wanted. After delivering the babies, Tib contacted us for help as she had no official documents, no freedom, and no money.

After several discussions and planning, on May 5, 2022, we arranged the rescue of Tib. She was rescued and brought to the Lao embassy in Changsha.

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