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In Africa, it’s estimated that some 2.9 million children die every year- a staggering 300,000 of those deaths are the result from diarrhea caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites that stem from drinking unsafe water.

Water for Life is a non-profit, 100% volunteer-based organization that serves communities around the world, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity, to provide safe water filtration systems and train communities to create and maintain their own local water resources. They have shipped 23,000 filters to 22 different countries since 2011, and we are so lucky that our expedition’s project is now included in those numbers as they generously donated 45 filtration for our April 2022 trip.

30 of those filters went to families around Arusha, 10 filters went to teachers at the Mdori primary school, and then 5 filters went to the SABCO orphanage. Spreading out the filters in this way ensured that many families and public places like the school and orphanage could benefit and positively affect the many children who are especially susceptible to the damaging effects of unsanitary water drinking.

What is so wonderful about Water for Life filters is the proof in the pudding. One filter produces 5-7 gallons of water per hour, and over 100+ gallons per day and of course, filters out 99.999% of any bacteria or contaminant. Over a lifetime, there is more than 50,000 gallons and typically has a 2 year life-span depending on the environment (sometimes more, sometimes less). They only weigh 3 ounces in a large duffle bag, and are easy to set up and use with an excellent flow rate! 

We got to show the kids at the Mdori primary school just how remarkable and life-changing these filters are. After installing one, the kids came running out to watch with wonder as we demonstrated the clean and clear water that came pouring out. They lined up enthusiastically to each get a turn drinking some from the spout and it was just an absolute heart-warming sight. With 45 filters in place, this region will be serviced by clean and safe water for the foreseeable future. 

Organizations like Give Blockchain, Water for Life, and ROAM Humanitarian working together with generous blockchain donations are making a difference with a lasting impact.

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