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When I was 17 (43 now) I found comfort in numbing out with the help of drugs. My addiction lasted 17 years. Throughout those years I suffered in a lot of ways, including very toxic relationships.

When I was 33 I went to a facility to get help. I battled many traumas and successfully fought for my life. I am now a single mom to two awesome kids and manage multiple homes for recovering addicts. This scholarship from ROAM Humanitarian was the perfect way to celebrate a hard fought ten years of sobriety.

I don’t even know how to describe what this experience to Peru with ROAM Humanitarian meant to me. A trip like this was only in my wildest dreams and ROAM Humanitarian made my dreams come true. From service, to conquering my fears, to extreme fun, they packed it all in and I will forever be grateful for this experience they made possible for me to be a part of!

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